From the estranged prince that needs $10,000 to free gift cards, scams are ever present in our daily life. It seems that no matter where you go, someone is always trying to get your money or information.

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The USPS and Federal Trade Inspection are warning about a new scam, and its taking advantage of everyone who shops online. So... all of us.


Many of us have already either encountered or fallen victim to a phishing scam. These are old news, but still dangerous.

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Phishing, much like fishing, began early, just in the 21st century and not in the morning. The scam involves receiving an email from a trusted source (Bank, Work, Utilities Company) asking you to verify personal information.

Once you fall prey to the scammers, they will use the information that you provided (willingly, I might add) to open new accounts, steal money, or take off with your identity.

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Despite most tech-dependent adults encountering phishing scams at least once, the exact same thing is happening again, and we are powerless to stop it.

Smishing Scams, if you couldn't guess from the incredibly creative name, is an offshoot of the Phishing scams that worked so well all those years ago. Wouldn't you know? The new scams are doing just as well.

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Smishing scams hold the same core principle as Phishing, utilizing text messages instead of emails. Instead of banks or mortgage holders attempting to get a hold of you however, it's the United States Postal Service.

The "USPS" will send a text stating that your "package" needs something, whether it be confirmation, rerouting information, or something else. Once you click on the link and fill out the information... Congratulations! A complete stranger owns all of your information!

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Please be on the lookout for these, even if you have recently ordered a package. USPS has been adamant on letting people know that any and all package tracking texts will not contain a link.

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