The future is coming to Arizona.

Amazon, well known for their easy and quick online shopping, has always stood at the forefront of innovation. They've redefined what a corporation can be, and their plans don't look to be slowing down any time soon.

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Their next foray into innovation sends them to Arizona, where they plan to expedite their already lightning fast delivery system.

What Do Delivery Drones Do?

Since 2022, Amazon has been testing drone delivery in College Station, Texas and Lockeford, California. This program is meant to deliver customer's orders in under an hour, as opposed to the two or three days amazon shoppers expect.

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The drones accept an order, and collect the package at a distribution facility, before being told its destination and sent off for same-day delivery.

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How Will These Drones Affect Arizona?

While the start date for this program is currently unknown, Amazon plans to have this up and running as quickly as possible. The facility will be located in Tolleson, a small town just west of Phoenix.

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The drones have a 7 mile radius, which will only allow them to travel to parts of west Phoenix and Avondale. This is an experimental program, so it's likely the range and effectiveness of the drones will improve over the coming years.

Amazon has worked tirelessly on their new MK-30 drone, that will have better collision detection, stability, weather resistance, and speed. These new drones are slated to be tested at the Phoenix facility when drone delivery begins in the Valley.


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