The job market has been in shambles for a while now. Unless you have a doctorate and 10 years of experience out of graduation (and even that might not help you) you likely won't be able to find a job.

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While the rest of the country has been suffering from the wake of the 2020 COVID pandemic, Arizona's gotten back on its feet relatively well.

It may not be for long.

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Arizona Unemployment Rates

According to the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity, Arizona's job market is in the perfect place. Since 2021, unemployment has plateaued and hiring rates have exploded, reaching an all time high this March.

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Employment is continuing to climb, and unemployment hasn't seen much growth, so prospective workers in Arizona don't have much to worry about, right?

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Arizona Hiring Freeze

While Arizona's workers have been in a good place, the state government isn't. They've been struggling with budget shortfalls for the past two years, and are looking for ways to correct the problem.

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The major factor of the cost saving plan that Gov. Katie Hobbs has implemented is the essential hiring freeze that will begin to take place. This will involve a "headcount cap" on positions in executive agencies, boards, and commissions. Contract workers will also be affected by this change.

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This cap will look at open work, and determine the "necessary" positions to fill, while leaving other, less important, jobs unfilled for the time being. This is extremely harmful to the job market that the state has done so much to protect, but you can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs.

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