Getting your kids on the right track while they're young is vital to parents who want their kids to succeed. Allowing them to learn before they begin Kindergarten can help them more easily adjust to the transition, and usually has massive intellectual and social benefits.

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Preschool is the de-facto answer parents look for, giving three and four year olds a place to learn and interact with their peers.

Arizona's falling behind in that department.

The Benefit of Preschool Education

The importance of what your children learn in preschool cannot be understated. It's a vital step to your child's maturity, giving them the tools they need to succeed further down the line.

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Not only do they learn important skills from their teachers, such as shapes, colors, and spelling that will give them a leg up when they enter Kindergarten, but being around like minded children their age every day helps build social skills that cannot be nurtured anywhere else.

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Arizona Preschools Aren't That Easy

You likely want to send your child to preschool for the same reason most parents are, but you'll have a harder time getting a coveted spot in one of those schools. According to a study by the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) Arizona ranks 24th nationally in access for three year olds, and a dismal 43rd in access for four year olds.

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Because of this exclusivity that Arizona Preschools hold, only about 3-4% of families in the state have access to preschool. It looks like this isn't the end either, as Arizona keeps falling in this department.

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Hopefully the Arizona Board of Education notices this trend and begins to fix it. Preschool shouldn't just be for the top of the line families clawing for a spot to get in, every child should have the ability to get a head start on life, no matter their circumstances.


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