As the summer rears its ugly head, temperatures are going to start rising and humidity will start to dissipate. As the Arizona desert gets hotter and drier, fires become easier to start, even accidentally.

Man hitting two rocks together to spark them
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Anyone can forget one simple thing, like properly putting out a campfire, and instantly set the surrounding area ablaze.

Cochise County Wildfire

As dusk crept in on the evening of April 22nd, two men were startled when a wildfire enveloped the two of them. The fire spread across 15 properties, from Whetstone to the Babocomari river.

As the fire began to grow, the two men fought tirelessly to try and extinguish the flames, but nothing worked. They received serious injuries while fighting tooth and nail to stop the spread.

Two firefighters look at a towering inferno
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The Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management was able to contain and kill the fire late the next day. The two men who were caught in the blaze were rushed to a hospital in Tucson, where one tragically passed away from his injuries.

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What Started The Fire?

It may seem like catastrophic natural events like this are warning signs from an angry universe, but in actuality, it's us humans who tend to be the culprits (Unless you subscribe to the philosophy  that we are the universe experiencing itself, in which case both are correct).

A man creates sparks to start a fire
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The fire was actually started by the two men, who were attempting to use a grinder, when the machinery spat out sparks, igniting the grass and surrounding foliage.

This story is a perfect reminder that wildfire safety is no joke, and to make sure to constantly double check yourself when out in the wilderness.

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