Health care is a necessary part to daily life. Accidents happen, and in order to ensure you get back on your feet, heath care professionals step in to lighten the load.

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We're led to believe that this system works to benefit us, but at the end of the day, it's a business and health care providers care the most about their money.

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Issues with Arizona's Health Care System

According to a report by The Commonwealth Fund (a program that measures issues in health care across the United States), Arizona sits near the bottom of the health care world, placing 32nd out of the 50 states in their health care effectiveness.

According to the report, over 10% of Arizona adults went without healthcare due to the costs, while 64% who were determined to need mental health care went without it.

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More importantly than that, it was found that the system works correctly only for Caucasians and Asian-Americans, sitting in the 73rd and 66th percentiles of care respectively.

In comparison, people of color fare far worse. Black people were found to be in the 23rd percentile and Latinos were found in the 18th while Native Americans were found in the gutter in the fourth percentile.

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How Can we Fix This System?

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These issues are not unique to Arizona. The patterns found here can be traced across the United States, even to states who boast the best health care for their citizens.

The issue is a larger problem that begins with the marginalization of non-white and lower-income communities. These programs work better for higher class white people for a reason, and the only way to right the system is to make your voice heard.

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Despite how good you may believe your health care to be, it can be so much better.

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