The deserts of the American Southwest are some of the most unique in the world. Because of that, many film and television production studios look to Arizona for settings of their programs.

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From westerns to crime dramas, the Grand Canyon state has hosted a plethora of shows that showcase the beauty and culture of Arizona. It's programs like these that paint the state as a gem of the United States and add to its almost mythical legacy.

Top 10 Shows Set in Arizona

Arizona has a vibrant history of film and television production, which has led to classic series being not just filmed in the Grand Canyon state, but sett here. Here's the top 10 series that have made the deserts of Arizona their home.

LOOK: Which movies were filmed in Arizona?

Stacker compiled a list of movies filmed in Arizona using data from Movie Locations, with additional information about each film collected from IMDb.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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