The film industry is not for the weak. Hollywood has a way of chewing up and spitting out those who don't conform to the rules they've set.

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Many have tried to break out from under the oppressive control of Hollywood's overlords, but few have succeeded.

One Arizona family is the next to try.

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The Woletts

Michelle and Lux Wolett are no strangers to film. The Chandler residents have made a name for themselves over the past few years, releasing three award winning short films, all shot on iPhone.

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Credit: Canva

The pair began their filmmaking journey when Lux, Michelle's daughter began to talk about aspirations to become an actress. Michelle took that wish to heart, and began writing films to cast her daughter in.

The three short films the two have completed are nothing short of remarkable, but they have their sights set higher: a full length feature film.

The Enigma of the Hidden Key

Poster of The Enigma of the Hidden Key
Credit: Storybook Productions

After months of screenplay writing, filming, and editing, Michelle and Lux's feature film is almost complete. Inspired by Robert Rodriguez and his style of cheap, guerilla filmmaking, the crew shot in locations close to the family, used Lux's friends as actors, and borrowed props to make their dreams come true.

The film stars Lux, alongside the talented Sean Dillingham and is meant to be a children's mystery film. While far from the quality of Hollywood's best, Michelle and Lux are happy with their output, and Michelle believes it taught Lux a valuable lesson on sticking with her aspirations.


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