School, for all intents and purposes is a daycare for children up until their graduation at around 18 years old. While guardians are at work and helping around the house, we turn over our kids to the state to grow and take care of them.

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One of the largest issues in public schooling is the lack of food. Many students are unable to pay for school lunches or bring one in for themselves.

Community Eligibility Provision

Meant to counteract this problem, the federal government instituted the Community Eligibility Provision, a program that would allow students free meals while at school in low-income areas.

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Initially, the program was only given to schools with 40% poverty rates, but was eventually bumped down to 25%. This means that over 3,000 school districts will be eligible to feed their students at no extra cost.

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Why Is This a Good Thing?

In thousands of schools across the U.S., students come in every day without the knowledge of where their next meal could be coming from. By using this program throughout Arizona, we're able to help those who have no ability to help themselves.

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The Mesa school district is one of the most impacted in the state, with half of its schools under the CEP, allowing ALL students free breakfast and lunch. Regardless of your family's personal finances, if you are a student of a CEP funded school, you get your meals for free.

Keeping Arizona students fed means they're more engaged in the classroom and more likely to reach to succeed.

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