In a society that values work during the day, parents need someplace to keep their kids safe while they're not around. We trust the schooling system to babysit them through the day, but that doesn't completely protect your children.

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Schools are a great start, but children aren't guaranteed safety from emergencies or issues within the school. That's why Cochise County has spent millions to close that gap.


To keep our kids safe, we need reassurance in the palm of our hand, and that's exactly what Navigate360 does. Accessible by phone or computer, the program is meant to give students, parents, and teachers peace of mind about their student's safety.

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The program flags any emergency that may have happened, learn certain protocols that may help, and keeps track of students locations to make sure they're safe. The program also has maps of school grounds across Cochise County to assist first responders if they need to get involved.

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Will This Help?

It's too early to know if this program is flawless, but it has already begun controversy, starting with the $1.5 Million price tag the county paid for it. While it is grant money, if this program flops this will be considered a disaster for Cochise County schools and Sherriff's Department.

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One issue that may cause problems down the line is children being aware of constant supervision. No matter how authorities try to control and track children, they will find a way to evade this, which leads us to ask the question: "will this really work?"

The program will not be active until the 2024-2025 school year, and we will have to wait until then to find out if it has legs.

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