The housing crisis is one of the biggest issues facing Arizona right now. As rent prices climb higher and good paying jobs become hard to find, many workers are left without an option for housing.

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With hundreds of workers on the streets, the issue is becoming harder and harder to ignore. One Arizona city thinks they have the solution.

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Safe Place to Park

Sedona, AZ is one of the many cities across the state facing the growing homeless issue. Seeing many of their city's workers without a place to go after their shifts, the Sedona City Council began planning the Safe Place to Park program.

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The program, meant to act as an in-between space for those looking for housing, begins at Sedona's 41-acre Cultural Park. The park has a 6-acre parking lot, of which 40 spaces will be reserved for those taking advantage of the program.

How It Works

Workers without housing in Sedona will have the ability to sleep in their cars in the reserved spaces at Cultural Park. The area will have bathrooms and showers for those involved to use.

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In order to keep this program as a temporary solution, those using the program will be required to stay in contact with local social services, and must also be in the process of looking for housing.

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The program was approved on a 6-1 vote and only plans to be operational until 2026. In the next two years, Sedona leaders plan to work tirelessly to open up new housing opportunities so that this program stays only a temporary solution.

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