The housing crisis in America has done nothing but get worse. As salaries lower, jobs become more uncommon, and apartment complexes lay barren and empty, the 650,000 unhoused people living in America have nowhere to go.

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Arizona church leaders have had enough, and are starting to concoct a plan to fix it.

"Yes, In God's Backyard"

Church leaders in the Phoenix metro area are taking inspiration from Dan Klocke, a worker at an affordable housing developer in Phoenix. The developer, Gorman & Company, used church-owned land to build a 65-unit, affordable apartment complex.

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Building complexes like these help get people back on their feet. They provide housing that is attainable on lower paychecks and can get someone's life back on track. The church was built to help those around you, and the Arizona leaders think that this is the best way to give back to the community.

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Moses Cut the Red Tape

This is a fantastic and heartwarming plan to help those less fortunate. Unfortunately, it's not as easy to just start building.

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The zoning laws in Arizona make going ahead with this project difficult and have already caused issues with the Gorman & Company project. Church leaders were ready for this, however, and proposed House Bill 2815, which would streamline the process.

State Democrats are already pushing the bill and doing whatever they can to make sure it passes, but some Arizona residents have other thoughts.

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Many believe that the idea works in concept, but will attract vagrants or those looking for easy housing without having to put in the work.

No matter what happens with this bill, it is important to remember that everyone deserves a roof over their head, and the Church is using the name of God to make that a reality.

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