Your first taste of reality is never as sweet as rainbows and gumdrops. Going into the real world after graduation is full of soul searching, hard work, and normally, a struggle to get whatever finances you have together.

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Most recent graduates (myself included) have found themselves overwhelmed by the constant financial strain adulthood brings, which is why Arizona high schools are pushing for a solution.

No Child Left Behind

There is a bill currently moving through the Arizona state government that would require all students to attend a personal finance course before graduation. This would include education on topics such as budgeting, planning for retirement, and managing your bills.

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The bill is sponsored by Republican Senator J.D. Mesnard, who believes, like most who have been through public school, that education focuses too hard on college prep while pushing aside real-life lessons. This course will not affect the number of required courses students must take before graduation.

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How Will This Effect Schools?

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After clearing the Senate Education Committee on a 6-1 vote, the bill heads to the Senate. If passed, the bill would go into effect starting with the class of 2028, which means that incoming freshmen will be the first class required to take the course.

This timeline will likely be pushed back, as it takes some time to set new standards in school systems.

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Regardless of the timeframe, this is an exciting bill that will give the youth of Arizona real-world knowledge that will help them whether they choose higher education or not.

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