Prison is a horrible experience. Most who end up behind bars want nothing more than to leave the four walls that have contained them.

Man holding onto prison bars
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For one Cochise County inmate, however, it seemed like a restless dash to make it back in handcuffs after release.

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Sweet Release

Isaiah Walker of Lawton, Oklahoma had just recently been released from prison, the nightmare had finally come to an end. On his trek home he stopped at a truck stop in Wilcox, Arizona. There he met a truck driver transporting 10 Chevrolet Corvettes.

Truck Carrying Cars
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The two talked for a minute before Walker threw the driver to the ground, entered the truck, and took off.

On the Run

Walker began heading north. About nine miles north of the scene of the crime, he was spotted by a Sheriff's Deputy due to his reckless driving. Walker was swerving between lanes and pushing other drivers off the road.

Escaped Prisoner in Woods
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The Deputy eventually stopped Walker and took him into custody. Walker immediately confessed to the theft of the truck, but made it clear he had no intent of taking the $1.25 Million worth of American muscle cars.

Right Back Where We Started From

Walker told the Deputy that he simply stole the truck because he needed a ride home from prison, which if you remember, he was just released from.

As noble as his cause was, this stunt landed Walker right back in the slammer. Guess honestly doesn't pay.

Man getting arrested
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Walker is being held in Cochise County Jail, facing several felonies such as Theft and  Robbery.

The truck was returned to the driver with no damage reported.

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