Elections in Arizona are a touchy subject these days. After the nail biter that the 2020 election came down to, many dissatisfied voices reached out to claim the election had been won unfairly, especially in Arizona.

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The question on whether or not election fraud took place in Arizona has been in discussion since the day Joe Biden won the state.

Now republicans believe there's more proof.

Tweet Claiming Proof of Election Fraud

On April 2nd 2024, known right wing Twitter account EndWokeness posted a tweet claiming to have proof that voter fraud has been running rampant across several states, Arizona included.

The account claims that over 2 million people across Arizona, Texas, and Pennsylvania have registered to vote without the use of a photo ID, which is meant to draw the conclusion that all of these are illegal voters meant to steal the election.

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The post gained a considerable amount of attention, and drew many Arizona residents into hysterics. The issue is, none of this is true.

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Fact Checking

The first issue is the number. 2 million people registering to vote in 2024 in just three states is a massive influx of voters. The actual number rests somewhere around 200,000.

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Specifically in Arizona, only around 60,000 people registered to vote in the state as opposed to the 200,731 that the account claims.

This is coupled with the fact that illegal voters are extremely rare. An audit was done for voter rolls in Georgia in 2022 which found that under 2,000 noncitizens attempted to vote. Key word: attempted, not succeeded.

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Where Does The Information Come From?

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The account posts the links that allegedly show the evidence of this massive fraud. The biggest "proof" that is cited is from the Help America Vote Verification (HAVV), which despite their claims, does not track voters registering without photo ID.

HAVV is a system that allows voters to register with the last four digits of their Social Security Number if they do not have a driver's license. The HAVV checks with voters, sometimes multiple times a year to ensure they are still registered.

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That is where those numbers come from. There aren't numbers of new voters, rather, the amount of times HAVV checked in with registered voters.

As election season ramps up, more and more misinformation will be spread online by supporters of both parties, so make sure to thoroughly check your facts on whatever you read.


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