Arizona's natural wonders are never-ending. From the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon to the jutting peaks of the Huachuca mountains, all of the natural world's facets of beauty can be found in the Sonoran desert.

Sun setting in the Sonoran desert
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While most of this nature helps humans connect more with the world around them, there are some aspects of this planet that are inherently hostile to its Homo Sapien visitors.

Globe Chamomile

Introduced to the Phoenix area in 1997, Globe Chamomile also known as Stinknet has been spreading across central Arizona for almost three decades. The plant is native to South Africa and poses serious environmental risks to the American Southwest.

A bundle of dried Globe Chamomile
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Big surprise, the plant whos name literally contains the word "stink" does not smell good. When crushed, the plant smells like turpentine which should be more than enough to turn away most that venture into their domain.

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Stay Away!

A foul smell may be enough to drive away most who come near, but those more adventurous and curious may find themselves in a lot more trouble.

Old man with a rash on his arm
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When inhaled, the plant can cause serious allergic and respiratory reactions. These reactions, which can lead to very serious effects, are only a fraction as dangerous as the plant's invasive nature in its own ecosystem.

According to Arizona State Parks and Trails, Stinknet is one of the eight most dangerous weeds, and for good reason. It displaces natural vegetation, spreads with no awareness of its surroundings, and is a leading cause for wildfires.

Fire spreading across a forest
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Because of all of these issues, the state of Arizona was forced to close Casa Grande Ruins National Monument for an undisclosed period of time. If you find yourself in a central Arizona park, and smell something unsavory, it's likely Stinknet, and you should do everything in your power to leave the area.

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