After the repealing of the landmark abortion decision, Roe v. Wade, Democrats have been on the offensive against pro-life legislation. The right to protect women's bodies from outside influence has been fought over for decades, and things improved immensely for pro-life politicians this past year.

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Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, a notable pro-choice politician, is heavily pushing for contraceptive protection in the state to counteract her pro-life rivals.


Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, contraceptives have played a part in your life. The two most common, the pill and condoms help aid (not guarantee) safe sexual encounters.

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These are invaluable additions to society, helping us irrational humans to avoid making a mistake that will change our lives forever. There is an inability to create a law that outlaws intercourse before marriage, or at least enforce it, so these are the best way to keep a heavily sexual species healthy and safe.

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Contraceptives don't just stop pregnancies, they also provide protection against diseases that have horrific symptoms.

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The Fight For and Against

Governor Hobbs believes in the importance of contraceptives, and hopes to implement the Right to Contraceptives Act. If drafted and passed, the act would protect any and all contraceptives under state law, and guarantee access for those who need them.

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On the opposing side, Arizona Republicans believe that this will only make people complacent, leading to more pregnancies, that they will only want to terminate. One notable abortion opponent Steve Canez was recorded stating that "if people stop having sex, they'll stop having babies".

This is an extremely harmful way of looking at the situation, and pro-life supporters should look more into what specifically causes unwanted pregnancies as opposed to trying to stop all intercourse out of wedlock.

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