One of the biggest national controversies surrounding Arizona was the 2020 election fraud scandal. In 2020 Arizona fell under the same banner that Florida did in 2000, which is not where you want to be seen as the next election rolls around.

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Unfortunately, that stigma has yet to leave, but if you don't trust the politicians in the state, you can take the matter into your own hands.

What Do Poll Workers Do?

The best way to fight on the front lines against election fraud is to, well, be on the front lines. Poll workers are the first at the ballot box, and the last to leave.

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The job involves setting up voting stations, assisting voters by showing them to a ballot box and administering the ballots, and accounting for all ballots at the end of the day.

This position is where election fraud is won and lost, and allows you to ensure that no foul play is taking place at your local polling station.

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How Do I Become a Poll Worker?

While applications and requirements vary from county to county and state to state, they all fall under the same basic rules. You can apply to work for Cochise County polls HERE.

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In order to selected, you must fill out an application and swear to adhere to nonpartisan conduct while on the job. Workers must also be 18 years of age, but High School students 16 or over are allowed to work the desk as student clerks. In return, you'll receive a $120 stipend as well as the knowledge that you helped democracy run correctly in the great state of Arizona.

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