One of my favorite cars of all time is the Pontiac Firebird. It's a staple of classic cars, and its design and handling are legendary. Unfortunately, it no longer exists.

A Pontiac Firebird in a parking lot
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That's the fate that meets many of our favorite vehicles, whether it be the Firebird, Dodge Viper, or the Nissan Maxima, some cars just aren't meant for eternity.

Another one has hit the chopping block.

Goodbye Chevy Malibu

Unfortunately, the Malibu is the next to meet its grave. Chevrolet's massively popular midsized sedan has been a stale of American families since its inception in 1964 and has been through 10 different models.

A Chevy Malibu
Credit: Canva

The Malibu has been one of Chevy's flagship vehicles for decades, and even prompted comeback in 1997 after their discontinuing in 1983. The sales of the car have been steady for decades now, but Chevy claims to have a reason for killing the Malibu line.

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Why is Chevy Killing the Malibu?

If I know one thing about car manufacturers, they're not taking down a profitable product unless something can take its place, and that's exactly the situation we're in.

A n EV charging its engine
Credit: Canva

Chevy has announced that the Malibu being discontinued is the fault of one car, their brand new Chevy Bolt EV. As Tesla's become more and more popular in the cultural zeitgeist, more manufacturers are hopping on the Electric Vehicle trend.

A Tesla at its charging station
Credit: Canva

The Bolt looks like an excellent vehicle. Its engine runs well, and it seems to be a step up from most gas-guzzling sedans and SUVs, but is it worth the death of a beloved classic?


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