Ever since the domestication of animals, our pets have enjoyed lives of luxury. Lounging around a massive shelter, being fed regularly, and constantly receiving love is a dream come true for anyone.

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But not every pet is meant for a life of rest and relaxation, some want to work.

What are 'Work Cats'?

While we like to believe that every cat up for adoption will love their new home unconditionally, not every cat is meant for indoor living. Some prefer a more active and free lifestyle.

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That's why the Arizona Humane Society has begun their 'work cat' program. For a $25 adoption fee, owners of businesses can adopt these cats for their help on small tasks, or just to add a vibe to their establishment.

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What Do Work Cats Do?

Work cats aren't meant for getting a pet for your business. These are cats that can actually hold their weight, and are happy to help out. The main problem these functional felines tackle is pests.

A cat faces off with a snake
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These cats are natures pest control, and are infinitely more effective than chemicals or bug spray. In their downtime, these cats still have a loving home, shelter, and food. The cats are most requested at breweries, warehouses, greenhouses, and farms, where they can work their magic, and lighten the vibe of any workplace.

The cats are microchipped, vaccinated, spayed, and neutered just the same as their indoor counterparts.

A cat sleeping outside
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If your business is looking for a new member, check out the Arizona Humane Society for a coworker you'll never get upset about working with.


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