On the top of the list of controversial political topics are gun rights. Many have seen the rise of gun related violence, especially in schools, and have called for stricter legislation or outright firearm bans. On the other side of the isle are those who believe the Second Amendment protects their right to own any gun they want whenever they want it.

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New changes are coming to U.S. firearm regulation, but how will that affect Arizona gun owners?

What is the Safer Communities Act?

Early in the morning on April 111th, the White House released a briefing on a new rule coming to firearm distributors. The rule is meant to stop unlicensed dealers selling firearms without background checks.

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The rule sets in place that anyone selling firearms for profit must not only be licensed, but must conduct background checks for every sale, regardless if they sell in a store, online, or at a convention.

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Why Is This Going Into Effect?

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The second amendment is an important piece of the Constitution, and gives Americans a freedom seldom seen across the globe. The issue comes when firearms are sold to those who shouldn't have them. Most of the mass shootings that have taken place over the past 30 years have been carried out by those who could not pass background checks and were able to buy weapons from someone who didn't require them.

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How Will This Affect Arizona?

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Arizona is unlike most other states, and allows private gun sales with no registration, permit, or background check. It is unknown at this time how the federal rule will affect private gun sales in the state, but all for-profit gun sales in stores, online, and gun shows will be required to adhere to this ruling.

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