During my radio career, I have had the opportunity to interview celebrities from all walks of fame. Pop stars, country stars, tv stars, movie stars, sports stars, and politicians.  

Whenever I could interview someone from one of my favorite Science Fiction shows, I would jump at the chance. My geekdom runs deep and I love a lot of different Sci-fi.  

In 2011 George Takei was doing a media tour for a new television show, "Supah Ninjas”. I jumped at the opportunity to talk with him on a phone interview. George Takei is most well-known for his role as Hikaru Sulu on Classic Star Trek (also known as The Original Series, or TOS). He has continued acting and has a lot of voice work credits to his name, like “Mulan”. 

In Sierra Vista in 2011, the Monument fire was making National news. George Takei owns a house in Show Low, Arizona. When we connected on the phone, he started interviewing me, asking about the fire. It is a fun memory because it was the first time a celebrity started asking me questions. It was a personal connection beyond the usual interviewer and guest.  

In the interview below we talk about the Monument fire, and “Supah Ninjas”. We didn’t talk much about Star Trek because that was not the media tour, but you know I had to bring it up. If it were a Star Trek interview, I would have geeked about his ship, the Excelsior, being my favorite starship design. That will have to be a topic for another day. 

Listen to the 2011 inverview here:

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