Cochise County will have a Behavioral Health Consortium beginning next school year. They are jobs now available. Here is the county press release.

Back in February, Cochise County announced that thanks to a $1.2 million grant from the Arizona Department of Education won by School Superintendent Dr. Jacqui Clay, Cochise County will be launching a Behavioral Health Consortium. This new team will dramatically expand services for addressing behavioral health issues for students throughout the county, focusing on those who receive exceptional student services, as well as providing behavioral health training to school employees. The team will also support the local crisis response teams which are based in the schools by providing regular training, support and professional fellowship across the county.

The Consortium Manager is Charlotte Taylor, who comes to us with a background in education, social services and behavioral health, and she is now creating a multidisciplinary team of professionals for the 2023-24 school year, which will include:

· School Psychologist

· Speech-Language Pathologist

· Physical Therapist

· Occupational Therapist

· Behavioral Intervention Specialist/Coach

· Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant

· Physical Therapist Assistant

· Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant

· School Psychologist Assistant

The positions will be primarily based in Sierra Vista, and servicing schools throughout the county. Charlotte’s vision for her team is a collaborative and cooperative model with all team members working towards shared goals.

“The people I’m seeking will enjoy the challenges of being part of creating, and belonging to a new and cohesive team, striving every day to provide the best services possible for students across the county. Collaboration and teamwork will be key, and I’m so excited to meet my future mentors and colleagues.”

The positions will start in late June to early July 2023. As well as the usual salary/benefits package for County employees and enrollment in AZ State Retirement System, travel/mileage allowances will also be provided. More details can be found here.


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