Located just an hour and a half south of Tucson, Sierra Vista is one of the gems of Southern Arizona. Tucked in the shadow of the Huachuca Mountains, there is no lack of natural beauty surrounding it.

Ramsey Canyon
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To add to that suffocating beauty, there are multiple nature trails and parks littered across Sierra Vista's landscape. The city thinks it's time for another one.

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Roadrunner Park

Deep in the Canyon De Flores neighborhood in southern Sierra Vista, the plans for a new public park have begun.

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This is incredibly exciting for the residents of the Canyon De Flores area, many of whom moved to the area because they were expecting a school to be built in the area. They believe that a new park in their area is just as exciting, and are looking forward to its opening.

The park will be built on a 28-acre lot in the neighborhood and will tentatively be called Roadrunner Park, a fitting name for wide open space in the desert to run around in.

Public Opinion

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Due to its public nature and connection to the city, park planners want resident's advice. The planners are deciding between two concepts for the park to undertake: Adventurous Play and Sky Island Vista.

Adventurous Play is more focused on integration of technology, and an amphitheater, while Sky Island Vista is a more standard layout. There is no official opening date, and the planners expect the project to be completed in phases.

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The planners want to hear from you, and you can input your opinions in a survey linked HERE.

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