Bisbee, Arizona has a reputation to uphold. The old mining town nestled deep in the Mule Mountains is known across the state as a hippie paradise, where every oddball can feel at home.

Main Street in Bisbee
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Bisbee leans into this, and hosts festivals throughout the year for everyone in Arizona to experience the beautiful Bisbee weirdness.

Alice in Bisbeeland

This past weekend was Alice in Bisbeeland, a festival unlike any other. Residents and visitors flock the streets of Bisbee on the third weekend of April to envelop themselves in Bisbee's unique culture.

A cosplayer dressed as the Cheshire Cat
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Festival-goers dress up as "Alice in Wonderland" characters, visit local vendors and shops, and pub crawl down Brewery Avenue for a day they won't soon forget.

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The Mild High Music Festival

As I roamed the streets of Bisbee during this festival, I happened to pass by the Jonquil Motel, right up Tombstone Canyon road. I happened to hear some music playing from their backyard, so I went to check it out.

The stage at the Weird Wild West Festival
Credit: Chris Cappiali/TSM

What I found was the first annual Weird Wild West Mile High Music Festival. Held in the backyard of the Jonquil (colloquially known as the Jonqyard), the festival hosted local vendors, cosplayers, and musicians alike. Music ran from noon to 8pm, with an afterparty taking place at The Quarry.

This small music festival is the perfect microcosm for the city, melding arts and community together to create an unforgettable experience that will likely be here to stay for years to come.

The backyard of the Jonquil Motel
Credit: Chris Cappiali/TSM

Live, local music is alive and well in Bisbee, and this festival shows what supporting local artists means.

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