Housing is a human right. We should be allowed, if nothing else, a roof over our heads when we fall asleep at night. This is not the case, however, and housing has become ridiculously hard to come by with rising rent prices and lower wages.

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So many organizations have pushed to rectify this problem, but one after another, they're struck down.

Maricopa County just did it again.

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Affordable Housing in Scottsdale

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Scottsdale, one of the largest cities in Arizona, has been faced with the same housing issues that most of the country has. One of their largest at-risk populations is the elderly who, without steady work, will soon find themselves unable to pay their rent.

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To help alleviate this problem, The Residence at Paiute, a local housing developer, planned to use $6.6 Million in pandemic relief funds to build 28 low-cost housing units.

These units would be reserved for the nearly 450 senior citizens that are on Scottsdale's housing waitlist.

Maricopa County Says No

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In a shocking turn of events, Maricopa County went over Scottsdale's head and pulled the nearly $7 Million out of the affordable housing project. This left Scottsdale developers and residents reeling and wondering if this will continue to be an issue.

In order for Scottsdale and the surrounding areas to grow, they need funding for necessities, and I can't think of a bigger necessity than housing.

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With no notion to where the money will be going, Maricopa residents are fearful that larger government will continue to cut funding for the common public.

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