What do a beautiful Saturday afternoon, a football game, and a concert all have in common? An ice cold beer makes them all better.

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we've been drinking beer since the dawn of civilization, crafting tasty and inebriating beverages out of hops to more thoroughly enjoy our time on this earth.

Voodoo Ranger

Founded in Belgium, Voodoo Ranger is one of the giants of the IPA (India Pale Ale) game. Typically brewed denser and with a higher alcohol content, these variations on beer have exploded in popularity in recent years.

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Voodoo Ranger specifically has always dipped their toes into experimental flavors and made interesting changes to their product. Many of their most popular flavors are built to taste like no beer you've ever had before.

They might have outdone themselves.

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I Pizza A

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Voodoo Ranger's newest beverage will partner with Tombstone Pizza, which many of you may think is a smart move. What goes together better than Pizza and Beer? The two are sure to have a lucrative collaboration, likely selling Tombstone Pizza and Voodoo Ranger Beer together in a package deal.


A beer with Voodoo Ranger and I Pizza A on it
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The I Pizza A is a new Voodoo Ranger beer that tastes like, you guessed it... Pizza. The beer was designed to bring out the different flavors of pizza, from slightly burnt crust to sweet tomato sauce and melty cheese and will feature a "kick" of pepperoni.

The beer will debut on April 7th, otherwise known as national beer day. It may be a strange and unusual gimmick beer, but trying new things is what life is all about.

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