Whether it's your anniversary, a first date, or just a romantic getaway, you and your partner want to visit somewhere love is in the air.

Arizona's landscape is ripe for romance, with the golden hues of twilight painting the desert, but not everywhere in the state is right for romance.

The Arizona desert at sunset
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However, a study by New York Travel Guides named two towns in the Grand Canyon state that are ranked among the most romantic in the country.

What Makes Bisbee a Romantic Destination?

The criteria for this study was a total of four scores: Places to Stay, Activities, History and Scenery, and Restaurants.

Located deep within the Mule Mountains of southern Arizona lies Bisbee, the remnants of an old copper mining town that has blossomed into a haven for art and culture.

Bisbee's Main Street
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Bisbee comes in at #108 out the 400 most romantic towns in the U.S. Its highest score was in the Historic Architecture and Scenery column, which comes to no surprise. Bisbee's unique layout and beautiful historic buildings carries the weight of the city's influence.

While without an abundance of romantic restaurants, hotels, or activities due to its small size, the look of Bisbee carries what little romantic activities it does have into the best in the country.

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What Makes Sedona a Romantic Destination?

The mountains outside of Sedona
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Coming in hot at number two overall is Sedona, AZ. The spiritual capitol of the United States, Sedona has everything you could need for the perfect romantic getaway.

Scoring the second highest on hospitality and activities, and middle of the pack on scenery and food, Sedona has made a name for itself.

Sedona at Night
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I'd personally have to bump Sedona's scenery score way up. The natural beauty that surrounds the quaint town is breathtaking, and combined with Sedona's spiritual nature, the sunsets will take your breath away.

This list is subjective, and there are issues I have with it, but overall, this is someone's opinion, and wherever you find love in Arizona is sure to become the most romantic place in the state for you. <3

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