College acceptance days are meant to be the highlight of young students lives. Getting to move out, live on your own, and continue your education at a higher level is almost every young person's dream.

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When you finally make it onto campus, you can feel the entire world ahead of you and you want to give everything your best shot.

Is your best always good enough?

Are Colleges Discriminating?

We like to believe that institutions like universities are infallible, always standing as morally correct. This is not always the case, and certain professors and even entire programs have discriminated against specific groups of people.

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The groups normally targeted are the usual suspects: people of color, LGBTQ+, and women. This discrimination can take many forms, but the biggest culprit is reduced grades, which can impact graduation, job placement, and so much more.

According to Arizona Republicans, certain political views are next up on the chopping block.

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Politics May Be a Barrier

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State Senator Anthony Kern believes that political views are already harming students futures. That's why he began to push State Bill 1477, which allows Conservative minded students to fight back against poor grades they may have received.

This comes on the heels of a highly controversial debate at Arizona State over the First Amendment right to freedom of speech. Republican senators in the House Committee of Education want to allow their viewpoints in higher education without pushback, which may be too much, as the state has already provided a program in place to rectify this exact issue.

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While this is an obvious ploy to stop what Conservatives believe is "indoctrination" in public schooling, this is likely a publicity stunt-type Bill, and it is very unlikely we will ever see this put in place.

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