Another four years have passed, and that means another round of elections for political office in the United States. Voting day is a massive undertaking for most Americans, waiting in long lines until you finally make it to a booth to mark down your selection.

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Many voters are unable to make their way to voting locations, however, and prefer to mail in their votes.

Arizona is shutting that down.

What is Early Mail-In Voting?

For those who want to skip the hustle and bustle of voting centers, the U.S. government has implemented the Early Mail-In Voting Program. This program, much like the name implies, mails a ballot to those interested, allowing voters to select their candidates and mail back their choices.

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Those interested are also allowed to join the Active Early Voting List (AEVL). This will automatically send a ballot to the specified address three weeks before election day, providing plenty of time to make your selections and mail them back.

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Why is This Program Being Cut?

After the fiasco of the 2020 election, Arizona lawmakers are attempting to come up with a way to avoid the issues faced four years ago. Part of this is cutting the Early Voting Program, which will lead to fewer discrepancies on election day.

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If passed, the program will be cut for all Arizona residents with a few notable exceptions.

  • Elderly voters
  • Voters with disabilities
  • Voters overseas/in the military
  • Students in out-of-state schools
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If you don't fall under one of these categories, you're out of luck. This bill would force you to vote in person.

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