We've all walked into a convenience store and taken a long look at an inconspicuous chocolate bar that no one would notice is missing. The side-eye look of contemplation, as you consider walking out without paying, feels more and more justified as the seconds pass. Luckily, you're a person of good moral standing and leave the store paying for all of your items.

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Those who don't think the same may have to face the wrath of the Arizona general public.

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Shoplifting is Becoming a Problem

Almost every man, woman, and child can shoplift. It's incredibly easy to slip something into your pocket and walk out with it. This ease has made shoplifting one of the most popular and common forms of crime in Arizona, taking up 47.3% of Crimes Against Property Owners.

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This is the least of the issues facing Arizona law enforcers, but growing numbers of shoplifters mean larger loss of profits for local business owners.

Put the Law in the People's Hands

To counteract this growing program, Arizona lawmakers in the Senate passed Senate Bill 1613. This bill effectively reshapes citizens' rights, allowing them more agency to make citizen's arrests.

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This agency is directly tied to witnesses of shoplifting. Senator Justine Wadsack believes that stores are spending too much on security. Her solution: let the people take care of it.

The power granted by this bill is not absolute and mostly allows citizens to detain shoplifters while waiting for the police to arrive.

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Like every other, this bill has its doubters. Certain members of the Democratic party in the Arizona Senate believe that this will simply incite more violence, despite it being within the confines of the law.

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