What’s the law when it comes to your headlights? When are you required to turn them on? 

Some vehicles come with an auto setting that will automatically turn on your lights when it is time. Most of us have to turn them on manually. What is this 1987?  

On an episode of First Watch (on 92.3 KWCD) Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels said “The law states you have to see 500 feet, anything less than 500 feet visibility you have to have your headlights on. Otherwise, is from sunset to sunrise. That's the easiest way to remember sunset sunrise, it's defined in statute too, so sunset to sunrise.”  

Headlights obviously help you see what is in the road in front of you, but just as important, it help others see you. Sheriff Dannels also said, “If you got a dark car, you are our target out there, somebody pulling out in front (of you) and it'll be your fault. So, we remind people, turn your headlights on folks keep it safe.” Just because you can see them, doesn't mean they can see you. 

A law enforcement officer will pull you over if you do not have your headlights on. They will check to see if you are okay, or if the vehicle has some kind of malfunction. Driving without headlights on is also a sign of possible impairment.  

Also remember to be courteous with your high beams, only use them when there is no oncoming traffic and remember to turn them down when traffic does appear.  

While I’ve got you here, let me take the chance to also remind you to buckle up. 

Photo credit Canva
Photo credit Canva

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