Take a look around as you drive Down Fry Blvd, Highway 92, even on I-10. Within minutes you will see someone on their phone.

Driving and texting is against the law in Arizona. Driving while talking on the phone is also against the law in Arizona. In fact, manipulating a phone in any way while driving is against the law in Arizona. You could get a ticket, $75 to $149 for a first offence and then $150 to $250 for the next offence. As with any ticket, your insurance will go up.  

Using a cell phone or other device is a primary traffic offence, this means an officer can see you on your phone and pull you over for that reason and give you a ticket. A secondary traffic offence, not wearing a seat belt for example, is where a law enforcement officer can’t pull you over for not wearing a seat belt, but can still give you a ticket for it when they pull you over for another reason like not using a turn signal. So, yes, an officer can pull you over if they see you on the phone. 

The Cochise County Sheriff’s office put out a PSA when the law first took effect, where Sheriff Dannels said, “the law prohibits drivers from using a cell phone or a standalone electronic device while driving, unless it's being used in a Handsfree mode.” This includes phones, video gaming devices and music devices. You cannot hold the phone at all, this includes holding the phone with your shoulder to your ear.  

I have heard Law Enforcement Officers say, after they pull someone over, often the driver says "I didn't know it was illegal."

Distracted drivers are dangerous. Most people that are killed by a distracted driver were walking or riding a bike.  

Photo credit CANVA
Photo credit CANVA

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