The human race is a wonderful group. We all differ in one way or another, whether that be our interests, skin color, or sexuality. These differences are what make us interesting, and should be celebrated.

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Unfortunately, many are unaware of the struggles other groups have to face, which is why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) education is so important to understanding and caring for those around us.

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What Do Politicians Think About DEI?

DEI programs have been growing rapidly in the past few years, and while many (especially Gen-Z) believe in their merits, there are those who find these programs to be a direct attack on their beliefs.

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One notable example is Michele Banks, a dental hygienist in Maricopa County. She believes that DEI training is pushing a "socialistic agenda" and portrayed white people as "buffoons" compared to examples of other races.

Several Republican representatives such as John Gillette of Kingman and Tim Dunn of Yuma agree with Banks and have supported a bill to remove DEI training from the state entirely.

The Anti-DEI Bill

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Senate Bill 1005, sponsored by Republican Senator Jake Hoffman, is meant to tackle his issue with DEI head-on. The bill would prohibit any public entities from implementing any training that focused on race, gender, sexuality, and disabilities.

This bill is meant to allow employees to sue their employers if they are subjected to any DEI training. This is an issue that Arizona far-right politicians feel especially strongly about, and are willing to do anything in their power to get through the Senate.

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Most Arizona Democrats are heavily against the idea, but no vote is certain. This bill is still in the early stages of legislation, but if passed, we could see an entirely new Arizona workforce.

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