I grew up in north Georgia, so when summers rolled around, my family always made sure to spend them on Lake Lanier. The Lake itself is an excellent outing, but my favorite part was Lake Lanier Islands, a waterpark and resort located in the center of Lanier's busiest area.

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Of course, my favorite part of this was the slides, shooting me out of a tube, drenched in water, and flying at Mach 4 down a vertical slope into a pool.

Wouldn't it be awesome to do that without worrying about getting drenched?

What is Slick City?

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The newest form of park entertainment has arrived, and its name is Slick City. So what does Slick City do that's different from their competitors?

Slick City is a first of its kind entertainment complex, building off the model that have made waterparks so successful, by completely ripping it off. Now, that sounds like a bad thing, right? It's actually the opposite! Slick City is essentially a waterpark, but what makes it different is the lack of water!

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Slick City is the first "dry" slide park. Filled to the brim with slides to thrill, excite, and astound. Many of these are very similar to their water-based counterparts, but are built with less friction, allowing fully clothed patrons to have the time of their life.

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Details on Slick City

Arizona is one of the groundbreakers for this project, hosting the fourth location before the company is prepared to expand. The first location will be in Peoria, and the team hopes to expand to Phoenix and Tucson in the upcoming years.

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Prices will range from $13.99 to $30.99 depending on your experience, and will be suitable for ages four and up.

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