Adam Curtis is the Public Information Officer for the City of Sierra Vista. He was on "First Watch" to talk about Sierra Vista being designated as a bicycle-friendly community.
Adam: If folks didn't know, we applied for that designation in 2017 and got it renewed again, which helps us attract events like this (El Tour De Zona), but that's partially because we have a good bicycle infrastructure, good multi-use paths, and we have some cool things like a borrow a bike program at the service library. If you're thinking, "Wow, Sierra Vista is a good place to ride, but I don't have a bike, maybe I want to get my feet again and get out there and peddle. Stop by the (Sierra Vista) library. You only need a library card; you can check out a bike for five days. It comes with a helmet and a bike lock., and the awesome multi-use path pocket map shows all the bike lanes, bicycle-friendly routes some different ideas for regional rides. We also have a mountain bike map. I'm just showing it to Grady so he can say how cool it is (See the pictures attached). They fit right in your pocket; they're very handy. They're free. They're available at City Hall, the Sierra Vista Public Library, and the visitor center. We also recently installed bike repair stations at two spots along the multi-use path by the Country Club, and we'll be doing more of those in the future as the budget allows. We just have a lot going on in terms of cycling and a really good cycling community in town and really good bike shops. That's also a great place to go to get those pocket maps or just kind of learn about, you know, cycling activities rides; you can go out and kind of tap into a cool community of folks who also helped bring in this event, and helped support this kind of stuff. We're grateful to everyone in the cycling community for making Sierra Vista such an awesome place to ride.


Photo credit Grady Butler Canva
Photo credit Grady Butler

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