Losing a loved one is an incredibly difficult process, and finding a way to properly memorialize them can make the process even more grueling. Choosing a final resting place, organizing the funeral and wake, and making sure everything honors the life of the one you lost.

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In order to keep their family closer, many choose to bury their loved ones on their own property, but is it legal?

Is It Legal to Bury the Dead on Your Property?

If you want to bury your loved one on your property in Arizona, you're in luck! The state of Arizona allows you to bury your dead on your own private property, given that you file a form with the state government identifying the location of burial.

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The state of Arizona is actually incredibly lax when it comes to human remains. The same form must be completed if you would prefer to move the body out of state, but that's the only thing stopping you.

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Can I Spread Ashes on My Property in Arizona?

You might have already guessed, but since the state allows burial on private property, they also allow the spreading of ashes. This is a completely legal maneuver, and even looked upon favorably by the state.

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Spreading ashes on your private property is completely protected, and while you should ask for permission, there is nothing legally stopping you from doing so on someone else's private land. The same goes for federal land, but you likely won't experience any resistance if you perform the ceremony away from trails, roadways, campgrounds, or waterways.

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Wherever you want your final resting place to be, if it's in Arizona, there's a pretty good chance you'll end up there.

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