The last Monday in May is Memorial Day, a time to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our pursuit of freedom.

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It's also a day most of America gets off of work, which means one thing in the United States: Party Time. Despite wanting to have a good time, you still have to follow the rules of the road to and from your function, and Arizona's cracking down on one thing in particular.

"Buckle Up Arizona... It's the Law!"

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Starting on May 20th, the Arizona Occupant Protection Enforcement Plan goes into effect. This is program is part of the national "Click It or Ticket" campaign, which reminds Americans to wear their seatbelts at all times on the road.

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How Will it Be Enforced?

"Buckle Up Arizona" will be enforced just like any other traffic guideline. Local and state officers will be looking more carefully at seatbelt usage, however. Their vigilance will be focused almost solely on making sure everyone is buckled in correctly.

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Don't take this as an opportunity to avoid following other rules of the road though, officers will still be operating as normal, and doing 120 down 92 is a surefire way of getting an unnecessary ticket.

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This program will run until June 2nd, but will be enforced the heaviest on Memorial Day weekend, so stay vigilant on the way to the cookout. Even when police aren't focusing solely on seatbelt usage, make sure you stay buckled in for your safety and for others to ensure everyone can drive with peace of mind.


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