RoboCop is one of the defining pieces of the 1980s film industry. A violent, provocative story about an ex-cop brought back to life by a shady corporation before he turns on his makers in a spectacular satire of greed and corruption.

A robot sprints by a crashed Police Cruiser
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Arizona law enforcement has a RoboCop of their own, and luckily, this one won't go off on a killing spree.


While RoboCop was a human refitted with cybernetic attachments to keep him alive, Arizona Department of Public Safety's newest tool is a natural born robot. Named 'Spot', ADPS has begun using two robot dogs to help their efforts in keeping Arizona clean and safe.

One of Boston Dynamic's Robot Dogs
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Costing a whopping $253,949 per dog, these pups are the pinnacle of police technology. They are primarily used for SWAT instances across the state, checking boxes or other dangerous areas to ensure no living things are harmed.

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What's So Special About Spot?

Spot, and his brother, Spot are built to withstand almost any situation. The dogs can open doors, drag objects around, and sense obstacles.

Robot Dog with a box on its back
Credit: Canva

The dogs are built at 80 pounds with cameras and microphones, and are powered by a battery that can last up to an hour and a half in direct sunlight. ADPS is worried that Arizona's high heat will be a problem for battery life, but as of now, no problems have been found. The dog is controlled by a tablet given to the force working with it, so luckily they won't be gaining sentience any time soon.

Robot Dog with evil eye
Credit: Canva

One robot has stayed in Phoenix to help out with their law enforcement, while his brother has been sent to Tucson to expand the tests.


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