Minimum wage has been a hotly contested issue across the United States. While most people would kill to be making more money, raising those wages increases the products being sold to compensate. This eventually just brings us right back to where we were, but with a higher number in our bank account.

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While minimum wage is a pretty cut-and-dry case across the board, raising at either the federal or state level, prevailing wages are a different story entirely.

That's causing issues in Arizona.

What is Prevailing Wage?

Prevailing wage is a concept very similar to minimum wage. It becomes valid during certain public works projects, matching the wages of the workers to the standard for any federal contracting.

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Recently, an ordinance in Tucson requiring prevailed wages was named illegal, leading to mixed reactions from contractors and workers.

Pros of Prevailing Wage

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On the side of prevailing wage, are many of the workers across Pima and Maricopa county. They believe that it helps provide a steady wage in a profession that pays anything but steady. Those for have noted the effect it has on workers with families, medical bills, and other responsibilities that require a steady paycheck.

Cons of Prevailing Wage

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On the other side, are the contractors. Prevailing wage, while easing the mind for workers, causes unnecessary problems for their bosses. Higher spending might be required for a project, and creates a uniform pay schedule, killing the idea of a free market, where contractors are able to cut certain budgets to raise wages, or vice versa.

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Who's in the Right?

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This is a question that cannot be answered by one person alone. The issue is complex, and holds pros and cons for both sides, but the goal is to make sure that the entire industry can compromise and continue doing great work.

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