On Sheriff Mark Dannels has a radio program called "First Watch," he often has a stop of the week. He tells of an interaction and uses it as a teachable moment for listeners. Kind of a "Learn from other people's mistakes" idea. This week his stop of the week involved an expired registration.

Sheriff Dannels: I want to share this message with you, we see a lot of expired plates out there, and people will say, "I didn't get a notice from Motor Vehicle, but that's not a defense. If you don't get your renewal registration in the mail, you're still obligated to pay that. Go online to MVD or Gingers Title Service, but you have to pay it, and you can't use that defense. Same thing to have a poof of your registration with you. You also have to have proof of insurance. You can have it on your electronic device or paper. You have to be able to show these to law enforcement when they stop you; otherwise, that's a citation. Take a few minutes, check your glove box, and make sure all your documentation is up to date. Take a few minutes to check; this could save you a ticket or save you some time in court. Also, please get rid of all the old documents; we see that in almost 9 out of 10 stops, drivers who pull a stack of paper out of the glove box and are already flustered for being pulled over; now they're shuffling papers while the Officer is waiting.

"First Watch" airs Friday's 7 AM on KWCD Country 92.3 FM in Sierra Vista.

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