One of life's greatest pleasures is cracking open an ice cold beer after a long day. Whether it's to decompress from work, to have something to sip on as you man the grill, or just to have a nice beverage in the backyard, most (of age!) adults love having an alcoholic beverage or two.

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If you were planning on beating the Arizona heat with alcoholic drinks this summer, you might need to think again.

Government Warnings Against Alcohol

Don't worry, prohibition didn't come back overnight. It is advised to cut back on alcohol, however, as the National Weather Service has released a warning for central Arizona, asking residents to take precaution against the dangerously hot weather.

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Alongside the standard practices such as staying in Air Conditioning, drinking water, and not over-exerting yourself, the NWS has warned Arizona residents to cut down on alcoholic or sugary drinks.

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Why Stop Drinking Alcohol?

If it's 110 degrees outside and you take a sip of an ice-cold Coors, you may think to yourself "man, this beer is really helping me cool off today". You couldn't be more wrong.

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Due to its chemical composition, alcohol causes your body to lose fluids when drinking, which can lead to severe dehydration, especially in an environment that is working overtime to shut your body down.

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While a couple of beers with some buddies isn't going to kill you, make sure to stay cautious when drinking this summer in Arizona, and always make sure you have hydration materials (water, liquid IV, etc.) to ensure everyone stays safe, and has fun!

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