The hottest temperature ever recorded in the state of Arizona was 128 degrees on June 29th, 1994 over lake Havasu. The hottest summer recorded in the state was just last year.

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At least 295 died from heat related illnesses in Maricopa County alone, and Phoenix experienced the longest continuous heatwave in city history, with 31 straight days of temperatures above 110 degrees.

It won't get better this year.

Looking Ahead to Summer 2024

Coming off the wake of the hottest summer on record, Arizonans are worried we may see more of the same this year, and that may be what we get.

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First off, our saving grace, monsoon season looks like it'll skip right over us. We're seeing a declining El Nino and a massive La Nina brewing in the Pacific, meaning that we'll be seeing significantly less rain and more heatwaves than we're acclimatized for.

That, coupled with rising temperatures in early spring forecast an unbearably hot, record breaking summer.

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What is the State Doing?

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In a state where heat is deadly, and climbing every day, it's up to state officials to put plans into action.

One of the precautions that's been making its way around the state is the use of Liquid IVs to help cool down construction crews. Nurses have been making their way to many blue collar work sites across the state and ensuring that workers are hydrated, healthy, and cool.

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The University of Arizona and Arizona State University have also been collaborating on a project to help heat-stricken communities across Arizona and California, primarily focusing on heat migration strategies used by native tribal nations.

This summer's going to be a brutal one, but by taking the proper precautions, we can get through it.

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