Molly from Border Animal Rescue was on the air to discuss the services and programs they offer. Border Animal Rescue is a nonprofit serving all of Cochise County since 1998.
Their main programs are the foster programs. They take in cats, sometimes dogs, and need foster homes available. The animals stay in these homes until they become adoptable. Then Border Animal Rescue has adoption events to adopt them out. Another program is “trap, neuter, return,” which is also one of their major programs. In the interview, Molly said, “Basically, there are community cats in our community that are free-roaming, either feral or abandoned, who have been left to their own and unfortunately they reproduce; so we teach the community how to help the cats by trapping them.” They have received grants to get them spayed and neutered and rabies vaccinated. They have a trap loan program where they loan the traps to you and teach you how to use them.
Another program is a low-cost spay/neuter program. If you have a cat or a dog that needs to be spayed or neutered, Border Animal Rescue offers a program where you pay $25 for a cat or $50 for a dog, and they cover the rest. It includes spaying/neutering and rabies.
Molly talked about a fundraising event this weekend, “Urbano Bar and Bistro are hosting us; we are going to have a cat adoption event called “A Whole Latte Love.” Urbano has 10% off a latte during our event this Saturday from 10:00 to 1:00, and if you buy any bags of coffee, they are going to donate $5 from each bag back to Border Animal Rescue.”


Find Border Animal Rescue on FACEBOOK
E-mail Border Animal Rescue at
They have a message line that is volunteer-run where you can leave a message letting them know if you would like to get help with the traps or fostering. That phone number is 520-432-7964
Visit their website, where you can see the available animals for adoption.


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