Teaching is one of the most ungrateful jobs in the world. Our educators spend their own money on supplies, take time out of their day for work, and perform miracles day in and day out for our youth.

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All of this should constitute a decent paycheck, but teachers have become one of the worst paid professions in the country. This doesn't stop them though, they teach for the love of teaching.

That love has started to crack.

Why Teachers are Quitting in Arizona

With the unveiling of the iPhone in 2007, our world changed for good. We're able to keep a computer 10x stronger than the ones that landed us on the moon right in our pocket.

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Let's look into the past, shall we? Teaching has always been thankless, as long as there are students in a classroom, teachers are going to get ignored. The difference between now and then is that, for better or for worse, students had to focus on the lecture, because it was the only thing they had access to (or you could sneak books under your desk and read like I did).

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What Issues are Cell Phones Causing in Classrooms?

Students use their phones for everything these days. texting, calling, snapping, Insta DMing, games, YouTube, Netflix, you name it, they can do it.

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Because of these distractions constantly at the tips of their fingers, students are less and less likely to pay attention, and we've hit a critical point. Literacy and intelligence rates are rapidly declining across the U.S. for this specific reason.

Students have no desire to engage with the world around them, and almost everyone in most classes will check out before the lesson's over.

Teacher yells at student while she shrugs him off, on her phone
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While schools can't just confiscate students' devices, it's up to the parents to make sure your children are paying attention, learning, and engaging with the world around them.

Together, we can create a brighter future...

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