Political scandals are nothing new. Almost every politician has had some dirt brought up from their past, but it's when those scandals interfere with the effectiveness of a government's operation that they become a major issue.

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Voters trust their politicians to uphold their promises to stand as a moral guideway for their citizens, so when one politician proves their not trustworthy, it reflects poorly on every one of their coworkers.

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Forging Signatures in Office

On April 18th, 2024, Republican legislator and former Turning Point USA director Austin Smith stepped down from his role at Turning Point USA and dropped his run for reelection. Why?

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It was discovered recently that Smith had been forging signatures on several petition sheets in order to further his own agenda. Several of his fellow Arizona politicians noticed that many of the signatures looked exactly the same, and most look identical to Smith's handwriting.

Oh, The Irony

Smith took the issue with grace, and stepped down on his own terms. This story on its own is a fascinating look at what politicians will do to prove their point, but it gets even funnier when you learn that Smith has a history of accusing election workers and other political servants of election fraud. They say every accusation is a confession, and for once, they might be right.

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While Smith claimed that the accusations were a "silly" attack by the left, he willingly dropped out to avoid any legal issues and fees. Smith is still urging the members of his district in the Phoenix suburbs to vote for another Republican in the district to keep his voice alive.



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