Memorial Day is one of America's most important federal holidays. Honoring the sacrifice the brave men and women of the United States Military made in the pursuit of freedom.

Arlington National Cemetery
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It's a somber day, meant for reflection and mourning, but the miracle of birth made this an especially memorable day for Arizona veterans.

AT&T Honors Our Troops

Nearly a year and a half ago, AT&T began a new program to support veterans in Arizona. They began finding litters of puppies, and donating them to veterans in need.

A US Soldier pets his dog
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The pups are completely free, and their training is already covered. Most of these furry friends end up as emotional and physical support animals for veterans with PTSD or physical disabilities. They are trained at Dogs4Vets, a training center in Gilbert that trains the dogs to their owner's specific disability.

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Memorial Day Miracle

This past Memorial Day, a dog in the Valley gave birth to a litter of puppies, and her owner knew exactly what to do with them. Instead of sending them to a shelter or putting them up for adoption, she reached out to Dogs4Vets.

US Soldier poses with his dog
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The puppies were immediately accepted, and sent to be matched with their new best friend. While every dog that has found their way to a local vet is special and deserving of unconditional love, these pups have a little more to them.

Born on Memorial Day, this litter seems born to love and help veterans across Arizona. It's a beautiful thing that these non-profits have set up, and they are actively making a difference in our community.


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