Arizona summers present an interesting conundrum for dog owners. On one hand, we want to be able to take our pups out and play with them in the wide open outdoors. On the other, it's been 110 degrees outside for two weeks straight.

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Staying inside will absolutely help you and your dog stay healthy and cool on hot summer days, but you know Fido is itching for wide open spaces.

We finally have an answer.

Welcome to Mak Pack!

Founded in 2017 by Spencer and Lauren Mak, Mak Pack is an all-in-one center for dog owners in Arizona. First focused on exceptional and cost-effective dog training at their facility, Mak Pack realized that they were sitting on a gold mine.

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The facility they used to train was massive, and already had so much that dogs loved to do, that in 2022, they decided to open their floor for everyone, training needs or not.

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Indoor Dog Park

The Mak Pack Indoor Dog Park began business only two years ago, but they've hit the ground running. The park itself is 10,000 square feet, and constantly air conditioned, to ensure your pup doesn't overheat.

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Dogs will also be required to submit to a mandatory heat and vaccine check before they enter to make sure no illnesses are spread among other patrons. Dogs will also have to go through a behavior check, just to ensure they won't get riled up and harm other dogs, but these have never seemed to be an issue.

Dog with a treat on his nose that says "Good Boy"
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Mak Pack is dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment for your dog when it gets too hot out. While their only location is in Chandler, dog owners from all over the state can take their dog on a vacation they'll never forget.

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