We all dream of being rich. The thought of coming into a fortune completely on accident is one of the most common dreams in America, and there's nothing better to keep that hope alive than the lottery.

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While Mega Millions and Powerball offer fame and fortune beyond your wildest dreams, scratchers are the most instant way to win thousands of dollars off of just a few bucks.

Now, The Arizona Lottery wants to thank you for playing.

Arizona Lottery x Circle K Promotion

When you buy scratchers, do you go to a casino? No! You'll usually buy your lottery tickets at a gas station or convenience store, and there's no bigger one in Arizona than Circle K.

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Because of this connection, Circle K is teaming up with the Arizona Lottery this summer to give back to you. Yes you.

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What is the Promotion?

Circle K understands how many people buy lottery tickets from them, and a smart business decision would be to capitalize on that. That's exactly what they did.

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From now until July 2nd, Circle K customers are encouraged buy scratchers, which will then give them a discount on their gas. The ticket must be at least $10, and only one can be used per day.

This will give a 15 cent discount per gallon for that day capped at 25 gallon per transaction.

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This is a unique and fun way to give back to the people who play the lottery frequently, and while they may not win every time, a penny saved is a penny earned.


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