Most of the population is bound by the road. Whether it be commuting to work, driving to the store, or visiting a neighboring town for some fun.

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Unless you've made the expensive decision to switch to an all-electric vehicle, you're forced to conform to the oil standard, and prices are rising in Arizona.

Gas Prices Across the State

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On average, gas prices across the state are around 40 cents higher than the national average. Maricopa County has the highest average price, sitting at around $4.13 a gallon, while Graham County comes in at the lowest with prices around $3.53 a gallon.

Why Are Prices Rising?

There are numerous reasons that gas prices have soared in Arizona, but the most likely is that the erratic weather patterns seen across the western United States have caused delays and complications in transportation.

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Arizona also recently switched to a new gas blend, that is around 10 to 15 cents more expensive per gallon, and warmer states are more likely to see an influx of snowbirds, driving demand higher than, say, Montana.

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Will They Drop?

As always, gas prices won't stay ridiculously high for long. Certain factors push and pull the prices like the changing of the tides, and soon the gasoline gods will smile upon us. It will take a minute for economy to recognize the trends in price spikes and equalize them. This happens just about every spring as we prepare for the summer months, but every year the prices climb back down.

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Unfortunately, we're stuck with the prices we have for now, but what goes around comes around, so look out for lower gas prices as the summer creeps in.



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